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white spot on tonsil

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Hey all. i have a question about my tonsils. i got sore throat friday august 29. but my throat hurt on the right side only? is that strange or does that happen a lot? i sleep in a very cold apartment in very hot auburn, alabama. my apartment is a little dry even though the humidity outside is nearly topping the charts daily. i noticed a couple of days after my throat started to get sore that there was a little white spot on the upper part of my tonsil. the spot on my tonsil looks kind of like a canker sore. well, that's what my girlfriend said. can a person get canker sores on their tonsils? should i be worried about this? my throat doesn't really hurt anymore. and i've been getting canker sores as long as i can remember. thanks for your help.

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    • hey im in AU too!

      You probably have oral thrush... do a search for it and you'll find a lot of info. I'd go to the dr to be safe, and if you do have thrush they'll just give you some "swish and swallow" medication that will take care of it in a few days. I had it and I let mine get bad (because i had no idea what it was) and it sucked!

      good luck and war eagle

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